of bioenergy.

Datafarm Energy develops green, driveable and local bioenergy production units in order to guarantee energy transition and energy sovereignty.

1. Avoiding
The process on which the DatafarmBox is based allows the generation of cold by using waste heat generated by the combustion of biogas. This avoids electricity consumption compared to a standard cold production process using mechanical compression refrigeration units.
2. Reduce
The use of biogas as a primary energy source guarantees a reduction in carbon emissions for the entire energy process of the datacenter. With less energy consumed and a green energy supply, each datacenter substantially reduces its carbon emissions (up to 50% reduction for a traditional installation connected to the French electricity grid – up to 90% in the rest of Europe).
3. Offset
The agricultural practices of our biogas producers partners allow them to sequester carbon and thus offset the residual emissions of both the energy supply process and the datacenter. The symbiosis between these two industries makes it possible to achieve the ecosystem neutrality.

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