Develop, Operate, Accelerate Renewable gas

Datafarm Energy supports the ecological transition and the energy sovereignty by converting organic waste into renewable gas.

The energy to accelerate the development of renewable gas

At Datafarm Energy we are determined to overcome the challenges of ecological transition and energy sovereignty by offering a solution to recover organic waste to farmers, businesses and local communities.

In order to do this, we have created a development and financing model of our renewable gas production that relies on the extraordinary potential of digital assets.


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renewable and sovereign gas


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Carbon avoidance

less emissions than natural gas

A global offer of energy and environmental services

Datafarm Energy recovers organic waste from local communities, farmers, industries using two complementary technologies:

  • Methanisation for fermentable waste and biowaste from farmers, agro-industries and communities.
  • Pyrogasification for green and wood waste from agroforestry, sawmills, paper mills and communities.

Energy is put at disposal in two different forms:

  • Injection of purified renewable gas (biomethane) in the grid.
  • Self-consumption of raw renewable gas (biogas or syngas) or co generated (electricity and thermal).

Datafarm Energy also promotes:

  • Carbon credits by reducing carbon emission and/or sequestration.
  • Co-products (digestate, biochar, bioCO2) resulting from these processes.
  • Different environmental advantages through PSE mechanisms.

By tokenizing its energy and environmental services, Datafarm Energy is developing a platform that promotes the competitiveness of renewable gas and co-products.

This strategy allows Datafarm Energy to consolidate its energy capacities by continuing to invest in new or existing units.

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An innovative model to accelerate the development of renewable gas

The team




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Head of Energy & Externalities


Process & operation engineer


Chief Information & Blockchain Officer


Head of Biomass development

They trust us and have helped us expand

Datafarm Energy projects


find new possibilities and funding sources


Datafarm Energy is developing a project in Normandy for the first time, in partnership with an agricultural holding in order to increase the capacity of the methanization unit to 2,5 MW gas.


recover your organic waste and create value on your area


Datafarm Energy is studying a pyrogasification project in partnership with an EEIG in charge of managing the region’s forest and hedges. In addition to energy production, this management plan, supported by the department, wants to improve carbon sequestration and water retention.


Secure your energy supply by recovering your waste


Datafarm Energy is studying a project in collaboration with an agro-industrial company for its supply of renewable gas used in cogeneration for the production of both heat and bioCO2. In addition, the waste electricity will be consumed by a containerized data center to guarantee better technical and economic performance of the whole project.

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