Accelerating the competitiveness of renewable gas with the $DFE token

With the $DFE token, Datafarm Energy aims to offer a simple, affordable and effective support that allows each and every one (investors, companies, institutions, etc.) to contribute to the development of renewable energies as well as to fight climate change.

The tokenization of energy and environmental services, combined with DeFi mechanisms, is accelerating the competitiveness and access to renewable gas with true leverage.

Each individual and organization can participate in an impactful project while monitoring the profitability of their participation by means of utility tokens.

In the meantime, we are ensuring the development of a secure and transparent ecosystem that will bring together and motivate all players in the production and consumption of renewable gas as well as their externalities.

The $DFE token will be a real exchange value to support the energy and climate transition.

A dedicated platform to foster an ecosystem of energy and environmental services

Datafarm Energy is developing a platform to use and trade the $DFE token. This will offer a real ecosystem in which a community of investors, energy customers and institutions wishing to recover their organic waste will interact.

Thanks to the token, all users of the future platform will be able to purchase energy and environmental services (i.e. gas, carbon credits) offered by Datafarm Energy at preferential conditions (discounts).

On the other hand, the DeFi mechanisms embedded into the platform (i.e. staking), will give token holders the possibility of managing the profitability of their tokens.

The platform will provide an ecosystem and a secure marketplace for accessing all Datafarm Energy services.