Invest and contribute to the development of renewable gas through the tokenization of services.

Tokenization is an approach that allows you to put the assets of a company on a blockchain token, a technology developed in the 90s that relies on cryptography to provide a high level of security in the transactions.

Tokenization makes the management and the exchange of assets easier with no need for intermediaries, no duplication, instantly and safely.

The advantages of these tokens are multiple:

  • To use the company’s services with preferential rights, which could be particularly interesting for future customers
  • To capitalize and resell the assets offered by the company, which can be particularly interesting for investors
  • To have liquidity of tokenized assets and exchanged them easily at any time among your peers or on a dedicated stock market

An innovative financing model

As an alternative to traditional crowdfunding, tokenization offers an innovative, secure and fast model through a mechanism of fundraising called “ICO”.

Thus for each new facility to be developed, Datafarm Energy will issue utility tokens that will allow it to obtain all or part of the necessary funds in exchange for privileged access to products and services as soon as they are available (energy, carbon credits, BioCO2, etc). This new model of investment allows us to address customers of future services and investors who want to get assets in the company.